PVA Sponges/Raw Sheets

PVA Sponges / Uncut PVA Sheets

PVA Sponges/Uncut PVA Sheets

Specially formulated to absorb and manage liquids, Aion PVA materials are prized by a range of industries, from manufacturers of medical devices to high-tech fields. Our patented Aion PVA sponges provide a range of grade differentiation, from finely controlled pore sizes to higher porosity. All Aion PVA sponges undergo stringent quality control to ensure that they provide:

  • Strong and supple- ideal for cleaning optical devices or precision instruments
  • High absorbency- can absorb up to as much as 1100% of its own dry weight.
  • Diverse applications-water absorption, retentive and wiping properties
  • Easy formatting- can be cut into desired shapes without expensive metal molds.
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